Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eye Care

Your reading this, ten years from now you will want the ability to read this. Take Care of Your Eyes.

1) Stop wearing the same pair of contacts you've been wearing for the last 7 years. It's gross they do wear out and they do get dirty, leading to.....

2) Clean you contacts ,Don't sleep with them in, Don't wear them while swimming, and whatever else the box said.

3) Stop staring at bright lights. Stop looking at the sun to see if its still there, it is. Invest in a pair of sunglasses and stop losing/forgetting them. When your seeing spots, its because you broke something (rods and cones baby) or your passing out , you'll know.

4) When your showering or you get something in your eye, stop wiping from outside to inside. Your pushing the stuff into your eye and defeating the purpose. Inside to outside.

5) Stop rubbing your eyes.  Also as a bonus stop touching your face. There is nothing to high five there , its not a hand rest.
It makes you look like this.

6) If you do get something in your eye WASH IT OUT! If it is bad enough, milk is best to wash your eye out with incase you didn't know. So next time your buddy wants to see if a bird bath full of gasoline can be lit with a cigarette (nope) and he splashes some in his eye, milk bro.

7) Light, when you are reading. Stop straining in the dark, turn on a light.

8) Stretch. when you get bored take a deep breath and stare at your "third eye". It's the spot between your eye brows in the middle of your forehead.  Protip: Try and do this alone, it's creepy to see someone doing it. Bonus: it's relaxing when supplemented with a breathing exercise.

 "Start now because you can't see the future without them"


  1. i don't take care of my eyes so they hurt a lot during the day

  2. I'm certainly guilty when it comes to not caring for my eyes. Especially regarding trying to read in the dark. But without such training, how am I supposed to become a ninja!?

    Oh yeah, and I had no idea milk should be anywhere near your eyes. I always assumed salt water to be the best whenever you need to get water to clean your insides of your body.

  3. Great tips, like the more general rule of #5 to stop touching your face.

  4. These are some really good tips to prolong the life of your eyes! ;D

  5. Cool. Gonna start working on this. I haven't really been doing that great of a job taking care of my eyes.

  6. Definitely true.. Didn't know milk was a good solution too.. The more you know!

  7. Didn't know about milk being eye relief to wash out... Thanks for the tips!

  8. the contact lens things are totally true. my sister in law is an optometrist and you can really eff up your eyes by keeping them in for too long, especially when you sleep with them in.

  9. Thanks for the tips, by now and forward I'll take care of my eyes ^_^

  10. Staring at my 3rd eye hurts. should it?

  11. Interesting stuff, also, to help your eyes, wear your damn baseball caps the right way (he says waving his walking cane)

  12. awesome, thanks for visiting my blogs!