Friday, October 22, 2010

Recycling Cans and Bottles.

The Recycling plan.  

So now it is time to get our hands dirty and make some green, literally. Times are tough and we need cash. Lets take a look at this plan to put food on the table for next week. or add a little extra to that principle of your car loan.

This is a simple tutorial, but I really think people need to be reminded of the things they can do for money. A lot of people complain when they barely make rent or when they are always broke. The funny thing is they sit on their ass on there days off or when they don't have a job period. If your fall into this category I don't feel sorry for you. Get your ass up and start making money, with sweat and a little ingenuity.

There is money to be made in this and if your not feeling like it's worth it, your doing it wrong. If this is the case tweak your areas and your collection methods.
before you scoff watch this.

Materials you'll need:
Plan 1- 
Gloves - the kind that you do garden work with will do.
Ergonomic plastic grabber - One of these.
A back pack or garbage bag.
Saturday afternoon - really any afternoon/morning/day will do.

Plan 1 (extended)
recycling garbage bins
recycling sign stencil.
spray paint.

Step One.-Reconnaissance
Plan 1.
We need to pick an area, one with lots of people and trash cans. Festivals , Days in the park, Busy streets in the city, you'll know.

 Plan 1- extended.
We need to pick the festivals, air shows, concerts, etc.

 Step Two- Get to pickin'.
Plan 1.
That's right we are picking up cans, bottles, etc. There is money in every single one you collect. About 30 cans makes a pound,  a beer bottle weighs roughly seven ounces so about two a pound. Use this information to rationalize what your making, some places also do the 5 cent thing so even more cash.

Plan 1 extended
Get with the people putting concerts, festivals and things on and tell them you are with Green pace or Planet recycles , get creative. Anyway your objective is to put your own trashcans with your logo/name and the recycling sign in this event. When the event is over go through the area and start picking up your recycling cans, plus search the area for the remnants.

Extra tips:

If you are shy and feel your pride is at stake to dig through trash cans, wear a yellow/florescent shirt and spray paint or marker or whatever a random green peace/planet earth corps. logo on it. This will help because people will look at you and figure your supposed to be doing that and helping the planet, well you are.

If your work or office doesn't have a recycling bin PUT ONE UP! the more cans and bottles you get you get the better off you are.

If you have an MP3 player put it in, and just jam while you collect.

I don't condone to this but it is good information if your are really desperate. While you spend your afternoon picking up cans also carry a tin jug or something with a piece of paper label. The label will say what your shirt says from the extra tip. When you get tired of picking cans up, PAN HANDLE. This means stand in the busy area and ask people for "donations" to your green peace cause. The only reason I can justify writing this and suggesting it is because in a direct way they are paying you to pick up their shit they threw on the ground. :)

"Fortune favors the bold"

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