Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quit Smoking NOW!

Its is time ladies and gentlemen. Not next week, Not Tomorrow, Not when you finish this pack, Not after your next cigarette. We quit NOW!  so lets get to it.

Reasons for Quitting. (abridged)
Health, Finances, Family, Friends.

The list can be huge. Everyone has their own reasons and since its your own choice to quit, your own reasons will be more empowering than what I can bribe you with here. You can sift through extras Here and Here.

Notice: I mention finances because it is often overlooked, take a peak at how much you apply your own personal tax to an overrated activity.    TALLY IT UP!

Ways to tackle and slay this beast!

As with anything whether it is bodybuilding, strategic carpet bombing, or Burt Reynolds caricatures, you need a plan. Failing to plan is the same as planning to fail (remember this.)  has great resources for this, get to planning.

COLD TURKEY! oh yes. This is the tried and true method of all smokers that have quit for 10 minutes and went right back to it. I don't believe in it. Attempt this only if you are very strong willed, or have a friend to punch you in the goods every time you slip up.  (pain disassociation, I don't recommend it.)

The reality of it. If we had iron wills when it comes to this stuff, we wouldn't be reading on the internet for tips on quitting. We would instead be Googling "finger boxes" or "Cigar guy" and enjoying the best nutshots on You tube.  So since we are here, lets be real.

My personal recommendations from my experience is to slowly but surely lower your intake. Next time you buy a pack take a business card and stick it in plastic wrapper around the pack. Because your the young entrepreneur that you are use the pen that you ALWAYS carry and mark on this business card every time you engage in an act of smoking.  PROTIP: an act of smoking is not a cigarette. an act of smoking is everytime you put your hand to your face with a cancer stick holding the gap between your fingers and take a drag. Now imagine with me how many times you do this 10-12 per cigarette which is 200-240 times a pack. which is 1400-1680? ( i did it in my head) times a week at a pack/day. yikes , let those numbers sink in.

Counseling, Prescription medication,  Preventable Death.  They offer those things for suicide attempt victims as well, if these things are on the same page. C'mon open your eyes ,  I did and ill never go back, it's not even a thought anymore. Better breathing was my reason and it was well worth it.

Offering my congratulations now.

(if you enjoyed this please pass it on/ leave your tips in the comments below/ put someone you wish would quit in the comments.)


  1. I never found the appeal in cigs, blunts on the other hand......

  2. fullo win but i'll nevar stop to smoke!!!

  3. Just quit smoking. Ironically I snapped the last one in my packet. Burned the image into my head and I'm doing alright now, lol.

  4. Very true... quitting smoking is nothing but profit.

  5. great info, one of the best things i ever did was quit smoking

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  7. Yeah let's quit something i never started with! ;D

  8. im so happy that ive never started with smoking

  9. Smoking looks sooo cool, I never really got into it though.

  10. I never got into smoking, not my type of thing.

  11. I quit smoking a couple months ago. I had bad heartburn and really couldnt do things I should be able to do

    I didnt buy another pack, bummed a marlboro, i usuallly smoke menthal, and that marbalo was my last cig

    feels good man, i want a cig when I'm drinking but as long as ive got a lot of weed ill be ok

  12. I've never smoked, never drunk, there have already been enough problems in my life as it's been. I have been pretty much a candy addict though. Always had chocolate at home, never able to stop myself from having "just one more bite".

    Then one day, I decided to go cold turkey on it. Kept clean for 2 months, then met my massive candy pig of a partner, and now I'm as bad as ever before...

    I do think it's possible to cold turkey with a strong enough mind, as long as you surround yourself with people that do not allow you to fall back into your addiction. Granted, as I've never tried nicotine, I shouldn't really be offering "insight" here, but it really is a question of willpower to some degree in either case.

  13. Cool, I was looking for this image (the bigger one) thank you very much. I also stopped smoking since I saw a man with a hole in his neck, it was very bizarre =(